About the Community Dinner

How it started

Around fall of 2017, Little Compton native, Barbara Passmore was looking for a way to further strengthen the bond of the people of Little Compton. Her desire was inspired by her daughter out in Buena Vista, Colorado. The community of Buena Vista desperately needed a boost in morale after a series of difficult times. So, what better way to do this than to break bread together? A group of individuals got together and planned a community dinner in the center of their town.

Photo courtesy of http://thelettuceheadlife.blogspot.com/

A small but mighty Committee…

Led by Barbara Passmore, started meeting in late 2017 to start planning our first dinner! Handmade posters were made and posted around town, just over 250 people came to join us for dinner that evening. It was wonderful. We had help from our the LC facilities team, we got tables and chairs from the Community Center and Wilbur School. It was all hands on deck to make our first dinner a success.

Barbara Passmore ringing the dinner bell!

Those that came were so thrilled, those that missed it were sure to NOT miss it next year.

2019 planning started and knowing we would have a much bigger turn out, we switched to digital platforms and enlisted the help of Janie Kinnane of Charlie Lou Works to help design our poster and the committee put together a website and we were off and running!

530 people later…. we had another grand time!